energy sources
We specialise in providing comprehensive solutions to the process of arranging and building photovoltaic plants of various scales, type and application. The company also leads projects connected with wind energy single wind turbines and wind farms. CHECK
Engineering design and building investment services We provide services in the range of engineering design and investment process starting with preparation of documentation, obtaining a building permit, through managing and supervising construction works till the final stage which are an official finish of construction works and obtaining a use permit. CHECK Environmental
What we offer in the range of environmental protection services is a pre- and post-executive monitoring of nature, inventoryof trees and bushes, carrying out strategic environmental impact assessments and waste management to mention a few. CHECK

Pro Vento Energia

Pro Vento Energia Sp. z o. o

We address our services to small and large enterprises as well as to investors of a private sector who seek support in conducting their projects and who demand high standards of cooperation.
Pro Vento Energia rests on a foundation of top-class specialists.
Based on our knowledge and experience, the we offernot only design services but also completecoordination of construction projects.

How do we work?

We conduct an investment process starting with aninitial design, through the execution of construction projects, obtaining a building permit, investor’s supervision and coordination of construction works. In addition to that, we make investments in the field of renewable energy sources as well as general construction works and electric power supply.

Our experience

Projects of photovoltaic plants of 250 MW, which have been designed by Pro Vento Energia so far, took part inthe Auctions organised by Energy Regulatory Office. In 2019 over 140 PVE projects were enrolled in the sale. That number constituted one of the most spectacular portfolios.
Some of the projects are supported by PVE in terms of general execution of construction works. Currently we are developing more than 400 projects of photovoltaic plants which vary in sizes,
from 1 MW to tens of MW. At least half of the projects will be ready to proceed with in the year 2020.

Renewable Energy Sources

Examples of investments
  • Project of photovoltaic installation in Żórawina sewage plant
  • The development of comprehensive project documentation with building permit for the construction of photovoltaic installation of 99,84 kW located in Stara Kamienica included.
  • A broad development of four photovoltaic installation projects located in Szczecinek,
    the total power of which equalled 6MW prior to obtaining a building permit.

Environmental protection

Examples of investments
  • The development of the environmental opinion in order to proceed with the environmental impact assessment required for the heating reconstruction project on commission of KPEC in Bydgoszcz.
  • The development of the environmental documentation for the reconstruction of the right embankment of the Vistula River in Miłoradz municipality.
  • The execution of the ornithological expertise in connection with the clearing as a part of rebuilt and expansion of the voivodeship road no. 559 in the Lipno – Kamień Kotowy section.

Execution of reconstruction works

Examples of investments
  • Construction works in the range of energy-sufficient renovation along with reorganisation
    of a boiler room and technical infrastructure in the building of a kindergarten no. 58 located in Bydgoszcz.
  • Protective measurements of electrical installations of the 12th Military Economy Department.
  • The construction of foundation for container object along with disassembly of a conflicting detached steal shed in Szubin.